CITB Levy and Street Works

Are you eligible for CITB grants towards your NRSWA Street Works courses?

Did you know that you can apply for CITB grants towards your NRSWA Street Works courses if you are up to date with your CITB Levy?

But what is the CITB Levy?

It is a yearly payment construction companies have to pay to CITB ( the Construction Industry Training Board).

The yearly payment amount depends on how much the company pay their employees. 

It is a legal requirement for all, not an opt in.

What is the levy used for?

CITB’s purpose is to support the construction industry through training and developing talent.

It’s aim is to help build a better Britain, through high standards, safety, and diversity.

The levy imposed on companies is reinvested back into the industry ensuring trained and skilled employees now and for the future.

Which companies are eligible?

Not all construction employers will have to pay into the levy.

It is dependent on how much construction work the company does, and how much the construction company pays in employee wages.

To find out more and if it applies to your company, please visit the CITB website.

What benefits are there to the industry?

The industry as a whole benefits from:
-        Safer site working standards
-        Construction training register
-        Diversity in the industry
-        Inspiring new people into the industry
-        Industry research
-        Work with policy makers and government to make changes

And those individual companies that do pay into the levy can in return claim financial help towards staff training and taking on apprentices.

You can claim training grants for NRSWA Street Works training.

Street Works training comes under the short courses grants.

Therefore you can claim money back towards the cost of a successfully completed NRSWA course, including reassessments.

The amount you will receive comes in tiers, some examples of how much you can claim are:

5 day NRSWA course – £120 (tier 3)
Excavation units only LA, O1, O2 - £70 (tier 2)
1 day single unit –  £30 (tier 1)
 Full refresher – £60 (tier 3 refresher)

There are caps to this and you can only apply once per person, to find out more visit CITB here.

How do you claim for NRSWA courses?

You will be able to claim on all accredited NRSWA courses. 

How you claim may differ depending on the centre, so make sure you ask the centre when you book your next Street Works course.

For more information or if you need to book your next course you can call us on 0333 301 0226, or request a quote on the below:

What other courses can be claimed for?

There are a range of other courses that are eligible for a grant, including apprenticeships, degrees, NVQs and NEBOSH.

For the full list please visit the CITB website.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 0333 301 0226 for all your construction training needs.