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NRSWA Unit LA Location and avoidance of underground apparatus 1 day course

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London Unit LA Cat & Genny

When conducting Streetworks it is imperative to avoid underground utilities lest the safety of workers, pedestrians and passing motorists be compromised. Failing to properly account for underground apparatus can also lead to a loss of power, gas leaks and other dangers for the surrounding community. On this course, the candidate will be introduced to the Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) and the Signal Generator (Genny) and instructed in their safe and proper use. 

Who is the course for
The 1-day NRSWA Unit LA Location and avoidance of underground apparatus course is for anyone who needs to safely locate and avoid underground apparatus that will include electrical cables, gas pipes, water mains and fiber optics. Also know as the cat and genny course it is for both Streetworks operatives and supervisors. 

The course is delivered through a combination of classroom learning and practical activities in 1 day at the NRSWA Streetworks London centre. You will then be required to complete assessments and a short online exam for the unit. 

Knowledge obtained during the 1 day Cat and Genny course will enable the participant to avoid dangerous encounters with myriad underground services and conduct their business in accordance with Health and Safety Guide 47 (HSG47) guidelines and regulations. They will also learn how to mitigate indirect risks associated with working near or around underground utilities. 
The benefits of taking the NRSWA Training Cat and Genny Course include 
  • The course can be completed in 1 day
  • Participants will greatly enhance their skillset
  • The course can be completed in the classroom
  • The certificate is valid for 5 years
  • Practical elements included
  • Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Grant Claimable

After successful completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate from the awarding body, from one of the following; CABWI, SQA, Lantra or City and Guilds. You will then be registered on the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR), and you will receive your own SWQR ID card. 

How long does the qualification last
Your certificate and card are valid for 5 years and will show the unit you are qualified in to work on the roads. 
The course will be split into theory and practical sessions. During the theory component, the instructor will present information using a variety of delivery platforms including books, case studies, PowerPoint presentations and more. 
During the practical component of the course, participants will have a chance to demonstrate what they have learned by locating a variety of underground services using industry best practices. The practical component of the course also requires participants to demonstrate knowledge of current legislation pursuant to their occupation as well as the ability to follow street plans. 

NRSWA Streetworks Location and avoidance of underground apparatus 

The single unit 1 day course will qualify you in: 

(Important: the number in brackets is the old streetworks unit number) 

  • LA (01) – Location & avoidance of underground apparatus
  •  Safe and effective operation of the Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) 
  • Safe and effective operation of the Signal Generator (Genny)
  • HSG47 regulations regarding underground utilities
  • Reading and correctly interpreting street plans related to various underground services
  • Locating and identifying those services using the CAT
  • Demonstrating practical knowledge of appropriate PPE
Requirements for Passing the CAT and Genny Course

Participants will have successfully completed the CAT and Genny Course when they are assessed to have a thorough understanding of the material and pass a 20 question multiple choice exam.
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Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are the 5 most commonly booked Streetworks courses: 
- Unit LA - Location and avoidance of underground services (Cat & Genny) 
- Unit 2(O1) - Signing, lighting, guarding 
- Unit 10(S1) - Monitoring signing, lighting, guarding 
- Full 5 day Operative course 
- Full 5 day Supervisor course 
If you are unsure which course you require we recommend checking with your employer or the local council. 

Yes. Unit LA (previously known as unit 1) is for both Streetworks operatives and supervisors working on the roads, they do not require a separate qualification. 

The NRSWA Streetworks Unit LA is specifically for those who need to located underground apparatus whilst working on the UK roads and highways. It is a key unit which you need if you intend to qualify in any of the Streetworks excavation and reinstatement units. 
If you are not working on the roads you may require the EUSR qualification, or an in-house certification. If you are not sure please drop us a call 0333 301 0226. 

Yes the price includes all your certification and streetworks card.

Yes we offer discounts for group bookings call 0333 301 0226.

Yes we can complete training on your site for 6 or more delegates. We can also complete training on evenings and weekends to work around you. Call us on 0333 301 0226.

Yes, you can reschedule up to 14 days before any streetworks course.

Cancellation fees:

Within 30 days of course start date 100% of the total amount is due.

Outside of 30 days of the course there is no cancellation fee.

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