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NRSWA Unit O1 Signing, lighting and guarding 1 day course

NRSWA Streetworks Course

Unit O1 Signing, lighting and guarding

The ultimate aim of the NRSWA Unit O1: Signing Lighting and Guarding training course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge they will need to perform signing, lighting and guarding duties in real world situations in a safe and effective manner. The course covers both practical and theoretical elements with participants being tested on both. 

Who is the course for
The 1-day NRSWA Unit O1 Signing, lighting and guarding course is for anyone that needs to set up temporary signage, cones, guards and lights on the roads to direct traffic and people around the place of work. Previously known as Unit 2, this course is for operatives only who will be doing the physical work. 

The course is delivered through a combination of classroom learning and practical activities in 1 day. You will then be required to complete assessments and a short online exam for the unit. 

After successful completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate from the awarding body, from one of the following; CABWI, SQA, Lantra or City and Guilds. You will then be registered on the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR), and you will receive your own SWQR ID card. 

Once that happens you will be able to pursue work with Local Authorities, utilities and any contractors who perform work for them on or around streets, roads and highways. 
Upon successful completion of the NRSWA Unit O1: Signing Lighting and Guarding training course candidates will: 
  • Possess a basic understanding of relevant regulations and standards.
  • Possess an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of SLG workers.
  • Be able to correctly assess hazards and risks on active job sites.
  • Know how to mimimise such risks to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Select suitable SLG-related equipment for a given job site.
  • Understand the proper sequence for setting out signs, cones and temporary signals.
  • By their actions protect pedestrians from vehicular and job site risks.
  • Understand the proper sequence for removing temporary controls.

How long does the qualification last
Your certificate and card are valid for 5 years and will show the unit you are qualified in to work on the roads. 

NRSWA Streetworks Signing, lighting and guarding 

The single unit 1 day course will qualify you in: 

(Important: the number in brackets is the old streetworks unit number) 

  • O1 (02) – Signing, lighting and guarding

The goal of the NRSWA Street Works Signing, Lighting and Guarding course is to ensure participants understand the safety implications involved with performing Street Works. Participants will also develop an appreciation of the need to maintain the safe and free movement of vehicles and pedestrians through and around a job site, recognise conditions that may call for the use of special measures and demonstrate an understanding of the proper layout of SLG-related elements. 
What does the course cover? 
The NRSWA Unit 01: Signing Lighting and Guarding training course covers proper installation and maintenance of cones, barriers, road signs and traffic lights, as well as traffic and pedestrian management and proper sequencing during installation and removal of such elements. 
Upon completion of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills needed to sign, light and guard active job sites in accordance with regulations established by the New Roads and Street Works act of 1991. Those who successfully complete the course will receive an SQA certificate and SWQR card. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the 5 most commonly booked Streetworks courses: 
- Unit LA - Location and avoidance of underground services (Cat & Genny) 
- Unit 2(O1) - Signing, lighting, guarding 
- Unit 10(S1) - Monitoring signing, lighting, guarding 
- Full 5 day Operative course 
- Full 5 day Supervisor course 
If you are unsure which course you require we recommend checking with your employer or the local council. 

Yes, however there would need to be a streetworks signing, lighting and guarding supervisor (Unit S1 or 10) assigned to the site to supervise the works.

If you are a tree surgeon you need unit 01 for signing, lighting and guarding. There also need to be a supervisor on your site with unit S1.

If you are a tree surgeon that takes up trees then you must complete units LA and 01-05 and also have a supervisor on site with the equivalent qualifications.

Yes. NRSWA Streetworks Unit O1 (or Unit 2) Signing, Lighting and Guarding covers everything you need to know to direct traffic and people around any works on the highways and roads (except motorways and dual carriageways with a 50 mph plus speed limit) in the UK. 

However it is not to be confused with the Lantra NHSS qualifications which generally covers works on the motorways and dual carriageways

Yes the price includes all your certification and streetworks cards.

Yes we can complete training on your site for 6 or more delegates. We can also complete training on evenings and weekends to work around you. Call us on 0333 301 0226.

Yes we offer discounts for group bookings call 0333 301 0226.

Yes, you can reschedule up to 14 days before any streetworks course.

Cancellation fees:

Within 30 days of course start date 100% of the total amount is due.

Outside of 30 days of the course there is no cancellation fee.

 You can order a replacement card here