Replace A Lost Or Stolen
NRSWA Streetworks Card

Replace A Lost Or Stolen NRSWA Streetworks Card

All you need to order a replacement NRSWA streetworks card is your full name, date of birth and address you want your new streetworks card sent to.

You can use this service to apply for a replacement NRSWA streetworks card when it has been lost, stolen or defaced using this service.

Once you make an order: within 5 working days you will receive a letter sent to your email address with your street works card number, units held and expiry date. This can be used to show to your employer or local council while waiting for your physical card to arrive. Your streetworks card may take up to 12 weeks to arrive due to the COVID backlog.

Your streetworks card will be posted to the address provided on the payment page.

Please note: Once an order is made, no refund can be given, even if you do not have a valid streetworks card and orders cannot be cancelled or amended.

What do I do if my card has expired? 
If your NRSWA Streetworks Card has been lost or stolen, replacing it is a pretty straightforward process. If, however, your card has expired the process of obtaining a new one is more involved, especially if you have more than one NRSWA unit on your card. Nonetheless, here is what you will need to do if your NRSWA card has expired. 

For Operatives and Supervisors 
If you were a fully certified Operative or Supervisor - including certification for excavation and reinstatement - you will need to sign up for the full NRSWA reassessment course. The reassessment course for Operatives and Supervisors is either 1 or 2 days long, depending on the degree of refresher training you feel you need. 
  • The 1 day course usually entails a quick recap of the fundamentals and then a 30 minute paper exam. Typically people who are engaged in regular highway work will not need anything more than this quick 1 day refresher.
  • The 2 day course includes refreshers on many different aspects of the position. Those who only work sporadically on highways, or who may have been unemployed for some time, will want to take the 2 day course. The goal of this course is to ensure you are properly prepared for the paper exam so that you have the best chance of passing.
As far as cost is concerned it will differ depending mostly on the location where the test is given. In almost every case, however, the 2 day course will cost more.
For Signing, Lighting and Guarding (SLG)

For most people, the process of renewing their Signing, Lighting and Guarding Card requires only a single day of refresher work and a quick exam. Some locations may offer an even quicker half-day reassessment. But before you think about cutting back on the amount of refresher training you sign up for, be certain you wouldn't benefit from a full day refresher course. The last thing you want is to fail the test and have to repeat the process.
For more information about reassessment courses contact the team at NRSWA Training.

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