NRSWA Unit S1 Streetworks Course in Berkshire

If you want to apply for supervisory signing / lighting / guarding positions with local companies, take our NRSWA Unit S1 Streetworks Course in Berkshire.

NRSWA Unit S1 Streetworks Course in Berkshire for Supervisors

If you currently supervise workers who are setting up signing, lighting and guarding (SLG) for streetworks in Berkshire, you need an NRSWA Unit S1 qualification and an up-to-date SWQR ID card. The easiest way to obtain these is to take an NRSWA Unit S1 Streetworks Course in Berkshire with us. With 25 years of experience and a record of achievement that is second to none, we are the first choice for many streetworks supervisors in the area when it comes to preparing for and obtaining nationally recognised qualifications. All courses are held at live sites around the county and we can arrange for multiple employees to be trained at once if desired.

The course covers various topics that you need to master in order to pass the online examination and practical assessments. Having successfully completed the course, you will know how to perform all of the following duties (and will be qualified to do so): 
  • Supervise the Completion of Site Surveys and SLG Plans
  • Ensure the Safety of Pedestrians, Vehicular Traffic and Streetworks Operatives
  • Ensure Compliance with NRSWA 1991
  • Supervise the Installation, Commissioning and Decommissioning of Temporary Traffic Signals
  • Identify Hazards and Take Appropriate Action to Mitigate Them

After classroom and practical instruction, you will complete various assessments and, at the end of the course, an online exam with multiple-choice questions.
Having successfully completed the course, you will receive a certificate from a nationally recognised body and will be issued with an SWQR ID card, both of which are valid for 5 years. At this point, you will now be qualified and legally able to supervise the planning, installation, setting up and decommissioning of signing, lighting and guarding for streetworks in Berkshire and elsewhere in England & Wales (including temporary traffic signals). 
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Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are the 5 most commonly booked Streetworks courses: 
- Unit LA - Location and avoidance of underground services (Cat & Genny) 
- Unit 2(O1) - Signing, lighting, guarding 
- Unit 10(S1) - Monitoring signing, lighting, guarding 
- Full 5 day Operative course 
- Full 5 day Supervisor course 
If you are unsure which course you require we recommend checking with your employer or the local council. 

Yes. Unit LA (previously known as unit 1) is for both Streetworks operatives and supervisors working on the roads, they do not require a separate qualification. 

The NRSWA Streetworks Unit LA is specifically for those who need to located underground apparatus whilst working on the UK roads and highways. It is a key unit which you need if you intend to qualify in any of the Streetworks excavation and reinstatement units. 
If you are not working on the roads you may require the EUSR qualification, or an in-house certification. If you are not sure please drop us a call 0333 301 0226. 

Yes the price includes all your certification and streetworks card.

Yes we offer discounts for group bookings call 0333 301 0226.

Yes we can complete training on your site for 6 or more delegates. We can also complete training on evenings and weekends to work around you. Call us on 0333 301 0226.

Yes, you can reschedule up to 14 days before any streetworks course.

Cancellation fees:

Within 30 days of course start date 100% of the total amount is due.

Outside of 30 days of the course there is no cancellation fee.

You can order a replacement card here