Five tips to help you pass your NRSWA course

If you are worried about your NRSWA course, or just want to pass with flying colours, then you have come to the right place.

We have listed the top 5 tips to breezing through your Street Works course, whether it is a full 5 day course, a 1 day or a NRSWA reassessment.

1. Do your homework

This is number one for a reason, because it is the most important.
You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to complete and pass the course, the course is open to those of all abilities.
But especially for those who don’t have a lot of prior Street Works or construction experience, doing some reading ahead of time will really help you with understanding the terminology and when it comes to the online test.
Quite often your training provider will send you reading materials ahead of time to prep for the course, so please read through the documents.
If they don’t, we would recommend reading both of the below documents for the full 5 day course or full reassessment, and just the first for the Signing, Lighting and Guarding course.

2. Read your joining instructions

Make sure you have been sent joining instructions, if not make sure you contact your training provider asap.
Read the joining instructions as soon as you receive them and make note of all the import parts, such as:

Where you are going – do a route planner now, so you know the best route and a have a backup in case there are any problems.

What time do you need to be there for – so you know what time you need to set off, always aim to be there early.

What you need to bring – PPE is the most important, you may be turned away if you do not have the correct PPE. You may be asked to bring ID. Also note if you need to bring food, sometimes the centre could be in the middle of nowhere and you don’t want to go hungry.

What you need to do to prepare for the course - reading materials as noted for your homework in step one.

Contact information – save the contact telephone number for the trainer or centre in your phone in case you need to call them in an emergency.
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3. Get yourself prepared the night before

It may sound simple and obvious but we are all guilty of that last minute rush, can’t find my keys anyone?
Get everything ready the day/night before:
- pack your bag
- check your car has fuel
- make your sandwiches
- put your keys where you can find them
- get to bed early so you are well rested
The courses are jam packed and there will be a lot of information to learn and the tests to complete. A clear, calm, and rested mind will thank you.

4. Set off early

This leads on from step 3, you don’t want to be rushing and arriving in a panic.
But most importantly, many training centres start the courses promptly and if you are late you may be asked to leave and re-book your NRSWA course again. And yes, that may mean paying for your course again.
And you can’t pass your course if you are not even there, or if you miss vital information.
It may sound dramatic, but a lot can be missed in 30 minutes, and it would not be fair to hold up the other delegates who arrived on time either.
If you think you are going to be late, call your training provider as soon as possible.

5. Ask, ask and ask again

Don’t be afraid to ask questions on the course if there is anything you are unsure of, that is what the NRSWA trainers are there for.
And your question may help fellow delegate who were thinking the exact same thing.
The same applies for any questions you have ahead of your NRSWA course.
If you have any technical questions or requirements for the course, for example if you are dyslexic, then ask your training provider and we can help you in advance.
Feel free to contact us with your Street Works training needs:
We hope these tips have helped you, and we would like to wish you the best of luck with your Street Works course.