How do I get a NRSWA card?

If you are not sure how to get a NRSWA card, or street works ticket as some may say, then don’t worry.

We will take you through step-by-step what you need to do to get your Street Works card.

But what is a NRSWA card or ticket?

It may be known as many things, NRSWA or Streetworks card or ticket. But in fact it is an SWQR card. Those who have been issued a certificate by an awarding organisation for Street Works qualifications can be registered on the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR), and will then be issued a photo ID card, which will detail the qualifications they hold.

Firstly, ask yourself what work are you doing on the road?

Think about what street works you will be doing or wish to do.
Will you be digging up (excavating) the road? Will you be laying down tarmac?
Will you be working in traffic management and directing people and traffic around you?
Its important to know what street works you will be doing, so you are able to book the correct training course you need to qualify for your card.

Will you be doing the physical work or will you be managing?

This is also a very important element in order to book the correct course:
An Operative does the physical works, actual digs up the road
A Supervisor does not do the physical work, but manages and supervisors the works

Which NRSWA courses is for you?

Now you have thought about the work you will be doing, and if you will be an Operative or Supervisor, you will be able to pick your course:

Full 5 day Street Works course
  • Includes all units covering all works under NRSWA (excavation and reinstatement), choose from Operative or Supervisor

Unit 2 or 10
Single unit course for Signing, Lighting and Guarding (or Chapter 8), choose from; 
  • Operative (Unit 2 or now known as Unit O1), or
  • Supervisor (Unit 10 or now known as Unit S1)
A 1 day course, for those who need to direct traffic around them.

Unit LA – Cat and Genny 
  • Single unit, for both Operatives and Supervisors. A 1 day course for locating underground apparatus.

How to find a NRSWA training provider?

Don’t worry you are almost there.
You know the course you need, but now you need to find a street works training centre to do the course.
You can do an internet search for the course and your location or better yet ask family, friends or colleagues for recommendations.
Or save some time and give us a call today on 0333 301 0226 or drop us an email at [email protected] and we can provide you full details of the nearest centre to you.

What is involved in the NRSWA course?

There will be a mixture of classroom learning, presentations and q&a’s, alongside practical learning and exercises. You will also be continually assessed, and finally complete a multiple-choice online exam at the end of each unit.

Getting your Street Works Qualifications…

You have done and passed your course, well done you.
You can expect to receive your certifications (Cabwi, SQA, City and Guilds or Lantra) in the post, generally these will come first.
Then you will receive your SWQR card, the card will show the units you hold and their expiry date.

Finally note down your expiry date and card details

Your qualification and SWQR card will last 5 years. 
Make sure you make a note of your card number, units held and expiry date, or better still take a photo of you card front and back, just in case you find you have lost your Street Works card. 
Pay attention to when your card is set to expire, and be sure to do your street works reassessment in plenty of time, so you always have a valid card.
If you need a reassessment then don't delay, contact us on the following today: