The Street Works Units Explained

Have you come across different unit numbers for the same NRSWA Street Works qualifications and got confused?

Don't worry you are not alone.

We will explain why, and what numbers you need to look out for to ensure you or your operatives and supervisors have the correct units of competency for the works.

2017 Update

In April 2017 new regulations were rolled out: The Street Works (Qualifications of Operatives and Supervisors) (England) Regulations 2016.

One of the changes was an update to the Street Works competency unit numbers.

Just so you know, each one of these units relate to a specific Street Works qualification (or proof of competency), showing you are competent to do specific jobs on the roads.

Now, prior to April 2017 there were 16 units.

After April 2017 these were updated to 16 certificates.

Same Qualifications, Just Different Numbers

Important to note, there were no units lost and no new units in the 2017 update, therefore all the 16 units are exactly the same, they just have different numbers, and are now called certificates.

Please find the full list of NRSWA competency qualifications below, the current/new certificate numbers shown first and the corresponding previous unit number in brackets: 

Certificate common to operatives and supervisors:

LA (unit 001) - Location & avoidance of underground apparatus KEY CERTIFICATE

O-series certificates, for operatives only:

O1 (unit 002) - Signing, lighting and guarding KEY CERTIFICATE

O2 (unit 003) - Excavation in the highway

O3 (unit 004) - Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials

O4 (unit 005) - Reinstatement of sub-base and base in non-bituminous materials

O5 (unit 006) - Reinstatement in cold lay bituminous materials

O6 (unit 007) - Reinstatement in hot-lay bituminous materials

O7 (unit 008) - Reinstatement of concrete slabs

O8 (unit 009) - Reinstatement of modular surfaces, concrete footways

S-series certificates, for supervisors only:

S1 (unit 010) - Monitoring signing, lighting and guarding KEY CERTIFICATE

S2 (unit 011) - Monitoring excavation in the highway

S3 (unit 012) - Monitoring reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials

S4 (unit 013) - Monitoring reinstatement of sub-base and base in non-bituminous materials

S5 (unit 014) - Monitoring reinstatement in bituminous materials

S6 (unit 015) - Monitoring reinstatement of concrete slabs

S7 (unit 016) - Monitoring reinstatement of modular surfaces, concrete footways

Why Is There One Less Supervisor Certificate?

As you may know there needs to be an Operative on site whose qualifications match the work they are doing on the road, and a Supervisor with the supervisor quals that match that work too.

You will see from the above list that there are corresponding Supervisor certificates for the Operatives certificates. 

Except you might be thinking there is one missing, there are 8 for Operatives and 7 for Supervisors.

This because certificate S5 for the supervisor, covers all bituminous materials, so a Supervisor with S5 can monitor both O5 and O6.

No O7/S6 Certificate?

Don’t fret if you or your operatives/supervisors do not hold certificates O7 (008) or S6 (015).

Most don’t have the reinstatement of concrete slabs certificate, because this practice is rarely used out on the roads today.

Therefore, the vast majority of training providers do not provide these units in the standard 5 day course.

Delegates who did their training many years ago may still have this on their card and have therefore been reassessed in it each time.

But for new delegates if you require this, then you will need a 1 day course for this additional unit.

Contact us now if you need the NRSWA O7 or S6 certification.

Why We Still See The Old Unit Numbers?

Unfortunately there is no good answer, apart from old habits die hard.

The old unit numbers are still kicking around, from local authority application forms to training providers websites, and in the work place.

Therefore it is good to know the old and new style unit/certificate numbers, and if you are ever in doubt please ensure you clarify with those you are communicating with which one they are referring to.

We hope this has been of help to understand why you might be seeing 2 different numbers for the same qualifications.

Any questions as always you can reach us on 0333 301 0226 or at [email protected]