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NRSWA Streetworks Reassessment or Renewal Course

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NRSWA Streetworks Course

This NRSWA streetworks qualification ensures all work on roads and infrastructure in the United Kingdom is carried out to a safe and high standard.

After successfully completing the course the NRSWA operative or NRSWA supervisor will have the skills to carry out streetworks to the standards required by the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

We offer NRSWA operative, supervisor courses and streetworks reassessments for people who have already held a streetworks card.

You can also book in one day courses for Cat & Genny and Signing Lighting and Guarding either unit 2 or 10.

All courses include registration, exams, certificates and cards valid for a full 5 years. We list courses with the old unit codes, new unit codes are listed on the course content tab.

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NRSWA Streetworks Reassessment

The streetworks reassessment can take place between half a day and 2 days depending on the streetworks training centre you choose. The objective of the streetworks reassessment is to refresh the candidates knowledge and give a short exam on each unit. Once this is completed the candidates streetworks card will be renewed for a full 5 years.

NRSWA Streetworks Operative Full Course

The full 5 day NRSWA streetworks operative course is for anyone who wants to undertake physical work on roads within the UK. Including excavation, backfill, reinstatement, signing, guarding and using tarmac and cold-lay materials. On any live site where work is taking place there must also be a supervisor present.

NRSWA Streetworks Supervisor Full Course

The full 5 day NRSWA streetworks supervisor training is for people moving in to a supervisory role. A streetworks supervisor is only allowed to monitor the activities of a streetworks operative and cannot undertake any physical work. On every live site, for operatives to carry out work there must legally be a streetworks supervisor present.

Please note: a person can have both the operative and supervisor qualifications which will allow them to supervise and carry out physical operative work at the same time. Previous experience of working on street works or on roads would assist the candidates but it is not essential.

Signing, Lighting and Guarding Unit 2

The signing, lighting and guarding course is for anyone who wants to put up barriers, signs, and temporary  traffic lights on roads under 60mph in the UK. The one day unit 2 signing lighting and guarding course allows you to physically undertake work. On any live site where work is taking place there must also be a supervisor present.

Monitoring Signing, Lighting and Guarding Unit 10

The monitoring signing, lighting and guarding streetworks course is for people who are supervising the setting up and taking down of barriers, signs and temporary traffic lights in the UK. For this to happen there must be a supervisor present. A person can hold both a unit 2 and unit 10 qualification and both set up and take down barriers, signing and lighting.

Cat and Genny Training Unit 1

The unit 1 cat and genny training is for people who just need to locate underground services using a cat and genny. We offer both NRSWA accredited and unaccredited courses. Accredited training comes with a streetworks card and certification valid for a full 5 years.

You can find the units for each course under the course contents tab

NRSWA Streetworks Reassessment Units

Reassessments are for whatever units are already on your card. Please note if you only have one unit on your card it will be an individual unit reassessment. If you have both full operative and full supervisors units on your street works card you will be charged twice as these are two separate courses

NRSWA Streetworks Operative Units

The street works operative units are units 1-6+9 and course may also include unit 7 free which is the hot lay unit that allows you to lay tarmac.

NRSWA Streetworks Supervisor Units

The street works supervisor units are 1+10-14+16

NRSWA Streetworks Signing, Lighting and Guarding Units

The street works Signing Lighting and guarding unit is unit 2 for operatives and 10 for supervisors

Cat and Genny Course

The cat and genny course for NRSWA streetworks is known as unit 1. However you can also do an unaccredited version of the course with an inhouse certificate if you do not work on roads and highways in the UK.

Important: Please note all of the units we show are the old street works units shown in brackets.

  • LA (01) – Location & avoidance of underground apparatus
  • 01 (02) – Signing, lighting and guarding
  • 02 (03) – Excavation in the highway
  • 03 (04) – Reinstatement & compaction of backfill materials
  • 04 (05) – Reinstatement of sub base & road in non bituminous materials
  • 05 (06) – Reinstatement of cold-lay bituminous materials
  • 6 (07) – Reinstatement of hot lay bituminous materials (subject to centre)
  • 07 (08) – Reinstatement of concrete slabs (subject to centre)
  • 08 (09) – Reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footway
  • S1 (10) – Monitoring, signing, lighting and guarding
  • S2 (11) – Monitoring excavation in the highway
  • S3 (12) – Monitoring reinstatement & compaction of backfill layer
  • S4 (13) – Monitoring reinstatement of sub and road base in non bituminous material
  • S5 (14) – Monitoring reinstatement of bituminous materials (may not be included)
  • S6 (15) – Monitoring reinstatement of concrete slabs (may not be included)
  • S7 (16) – Monitoring reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways

Why Choose Us?

  • Training available nationwide
  • Group training on your site
  • Dyslexic or find writing hard? Our flexible assessors can change aspects of the course to meet your needs
  • Weekend courses
  • Dedicated streetworks team
  • Experienced assessors with 25+ years experience
  • Highest pass rates
  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • Fast certification
  • Officially accredited provider

Group Training

We offer group training nationwide from London to Newcastle, Scotland to Cornwall and everywhere in between. Our network of nationwide training centres and assessors means a qualified trainer is never far away.

Training Centres:

Birmingham: Our streetworks training centre in Cannock is just north of Birmingham and easily accessible from Birmingham city centre.

Derby: Our Derby training centre is just off the A610 near Ripley in Derbyshire. It is close to both the M1 and A38

London: Our west London street works training centre is just off the M4 just outside of the M25 ring. There is a train station less than a 10 minute walk which has a fast service in and out of central London. It is also within an easy drive of Oxford and Reading

Nottingham: Our Nottingham training centre is just off the A60 in Nottingham and only 1.5 miles from the train station

Northamptonshire: Our Northamptonshire training centre is in Corby between Leicester, Northampton and peterborough and only a short drive from Cambridge.





  • Yes, you can reschedule up to 14 days before any streetworks course.

  • Cancellation fees:

    Within 14 days of course start date 100% of the total amount is due.

    Outside of 14 days of the course there is no cancellation fee.

  • If you are a tree surgeon you need unit 01 for signing, lighting and guarding. There also need to be a supervisor on your site with unit S1.

    If you are a tree surgeon that takes up trees then you must complete units LA and 01-05 and also have a supervisor on site with the equivalent qualifications.

  • You will need to do the full 5-day street works course

  • A full operative or supervisor course takes 5 days. A signing lighting and guarding course takes one day for either the operative or supervisor qualification. A Street works reassessment can be between 2 days and a half a day.

  • Yes the price includes all your certification and streetworks cards.

  • We can order a replacement card call 0333 301 0226.

  • You can complete a reassessment course with us up to 5 years after your cards expiry. The course can be completed in as little as half a day.

  • Yes we offer discounts for group bookings call 0333 301 0226.

  • The rules changes recently so you can do the reassessment course up to 5 years after your card expiry date.

  • No, the rules changed recently so the day your street works card runs out you are working illegally and your insurance may be invalid.

  • Yes we can complete training on your site for 6 or more delegates. We can also complete training on evenings and weekends to work around you. Call us on 0333 301 0226.

  • No, you would need also need the streetworks operative qualification.

  • Yes, however you need to have a streetworks supervisor present with the same units.