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Group London NRSWA Streetworks Courses

If you have a group that requires Streetworks training in the London area, we can provide you with dedicated training, either at our centre or at your site. We can also provide training over weekends or evenings for your group if you need outside of working hours training. 

Drop us a message on the form below with your group training requirements and we will be in touch with how we can help. 
7 Things to Know About Streetworks Reassessment 
If there are multiple individuals in your organization who require Streetworks Reassessment in London, arranging a Group Booking is the most efficient course of action. 
Here are 10 things you and your employees should be aware of when it comes to Streetworks Reassessment: 
  1. Streetworks Reassessment provides the best opportunity for Operatives and Supervisors to bring themselves up to speed on the latest NRSWA legislation. Participants will also learn about any modifications or updates to best practices that may have occurred over the past 5 years.
  2. Any Operative or Supervisor who hopes to re-register with the Streetworks Qualification Register (SWQR) in order to work legally on highways must present a reassessment certificate approved by the relevant awarding body.
  3. In order to qualify for reassessment, the individual’s card must be due to expire within the next 6 months. If you wish to send a prospective hire for reassessment with the group their card must not have expired more than 5 years ago.
  4. Failure to register within the designated window means the individual will need to retake the entire unit. This will no doubt result in lost time and income and may disrupt a person’s career trajectory.
  5. One can only be reassessed for units they already hold. If the individual desires to gain new units they will need to register for, attend and successfully complete the full training course for each new unit prior to attempting to register with SWQR.
  6. Reassessment typically takes the form of 1 or 2 day refresher courses during which the individual will also be informed of any updates to NRSWA legislation or practices. Following the brief refresher course there will be a short multiple choice exam.
  7. NRSWA Training offer an array of Streetworks refresher courses for both individuals and groups that address all levels of Streetworks competency. Bring your entire crew up to date simultaneously by making NRSWA Group Bookings in London.

Refresher Training is Not Optional
If a person wishes to retain their NRSWA Streetworks certification they will need to undergo reassessment every 5 years. Without proper NRSWA certification, they will no longer be allowed to legally work on highways in England, regardless of how much previous experience they may have.
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Group NRSWA Streetworks Courses

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