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Streetworks training for operatives, supervisors and reassessments.

Group Nottingham NRSWA Streetworks Courses

If you have a group that requires Streetworks training in the Nottingham area, we can provide you with dedicated training, either at our centre or at your site. We can also provide training over weekends or evenings for your group if you need outside of working hours training. 

Drop us a message on the form below with your group training requirements and we will be in touch with how we can help. 
About Our Group Reassessment Courses in Nottingham 
Group Reassessment Courses in Nottingham are intended for organizations with multiple staff members facing the expiry of their NRSWA Streetworks certification. If several employees are set to lose their certification over the next 6 months it makes more sense to have them all attend reassessment as a group than sending them one at a time. 
Things to Know About Streetworks Group Reassessment 
If you want to ensure your entire crew is able to stay on the job without disruption then NRSWA Group Bookings in Nottingham is the smart choice. Here are 6 important things to keep in mind regarding the reassessment process. 
  1. If the individual had time remaining on their current certification that time will be added to the 5 year extension. So if someone undergoes reassessment with 6 months left on their current card their new card will be valid for a total of 5 years and 6 months.
  2. Each individual may only engage in a reassessment for a unit they already have on their card. Reassessment exams are multiple choice tests comprising 20 questions with the participant needing to answer at least 16 correctly to receive a passing grade. 
  3. Only those members of your team whose cards are set to expire over the next 6 months will be eligible for reassessment. If you are contemplating hiring someone whose card expired more than 5 years ago the person will need to retake the entire unit.
  4. In order to work legally on highways in England an Operative or Supervisor must have a current SWQR certification. In order to re-register with the SWQR registry they must present a valid reassessment certificate.
  5. If an individual wishes to obtain certification for units they do not currently hold they must register for, attend and pass the full training course for that unit. And they must do so before attempting to register with SWQR for that unit.
  6. Refresher training is not optional if one wants to continue working on highways legally. After the 5 year NRSWA Card expires it must be renewed no matter how much on-the-job experience the Operative or Supervisor has amassed.

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Group NRSWA Streetworks Courses

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